Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Why Not the Other Corset?

When we are buying a product, what is the main factor we are looking for?

1. Quality - No 1 Superbrands Product
Not necessarily a must for a product to have such qualification but have you find any other of your innerwear with Superbrands qualification? Superbrands is awarded to Premium Beautiful base on two qualifications, QUALITY and QUANTITY. Of course quality of product is the main factor it’s becoming the number 1 choice of its customer.

2. Warranty - Lifetime warranty on tearing service
Premium Beautiful comes with a lifetime FREE servicing which is LIFETIME. Thus, this is why you should always buy from a trusted and professional agent. Any damage from normal wear & tear is serviceable and it is FREE!

3. Material - Akwatek & Akwadyne
Since Malaysia is a tropical climate country,hence choosing the right material is IMPORTANT! Akwatek & Akwadyne is known to help stabilize the body's temperature where as in cold conditions the fabric constricts to keep heat and in high temperatures the fabrics allows air and moisture to evaporate easily. Those makes the wearer feels comfortable wearing it. Try it to believe it!  

4. Effectiveness – Instant and long term result assurance
Wearing Premium Beautiful corset will helps to redistribute your body fats to the right places. Pulls excess fat from other areas of the body particularly the back & love handles into the breast area and buttocks. Giving women that desirable body figure they crave for.

There you are, reason why Premium Beautiful Corset it the right corset for you. Feel free to comment or contact me for more info of the product.

Your Trusted Agent,

Lina Saat
+6013 395 4748 (sms/whatsapp)