Friday, 29 March 2013

My very own 1st entry ;)

Good day peeps!

I just launch my online store on FB today.. Yeay! Great Friday indeed. Go and try to search ZNL Shoppe now in FB! ( Do not forget to click Like ;D) With the tagline of 'Your Shopping Companion", I'm hoping that, the store is not only for you to shop but also a way of communicating with us to serve you better. 

Getting really excited to venture into business opportunity, a field which I never thought of joining as I am a shopaholic, not a business minded person.

I would like to start my 1st ever entry with sharing with you the MAIN reason why I start blogging. Its just simple, because I want to start an online store. When I was googling around for opportunity of online business, most of my findings require Facebook Page and own blog. At first, its become a drawback for me as I'm not into blogging nor FB Paging.
Even working in IT world, my interest to blog was not here before. Not sure why. Huhu. 

Erm, what I want to gain? Additional income for my shopping addiction? Erm, Maybe..wink2.. but most of all is to gain extra income for the family. Not that we are in a bad financial position but who know when the rain is coming (i wonder whose proverbs is that.. haha.. but you get what i mean right?). So, are you going to venture into online business after reading my post? Make sure you start a blog :p

My blog will be a bit 'rojak' in term of the entry as I will also update on my store, my interest in breastfeeding, early education, family and others at the same blog. 

I need comment and advice especially on my online store and blog. You my share your thought and I hope you will come and read again.

Wait for my next entry! ( macam glamour je.. :p)
Till then..goodbye..

~Purely Lina