Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Who Should Wear Premium Beautiful ?

Hi all,

Its been a while since my last entry, lama betol nak dapat dengar khabar berita kan? So by now, most of you knows that I'm a Premium Beautiful authorized dealer. With all the hush about wearing it on my FB, now I would like to share with you whom I think should wear this corset.

1. Brides to be

Of course every brides want to look fabulous on their wedding day. Make up or best hair do will failed if your flabby tummy is out (Betul x?). Therefore, wearing Premium Beautiful Corset, the fastest body shaping solution will help you to achieve the great figure you wish for. Perfect solution for your body to fit in perfectly into your wedding dress!

2. Post delivery Mommies

Change the traditional 'Bengkung' and 'Barut' which is uneasy to handle after each toilet session. (My very own experience .. after toilet session bengkung lilitku tidak selesa dipakai lagi .. longgar dan ikatan sudah tercabut .. jadi perlu pakai semula all over again .. finally xpakai dah pastu .. huhu ) 
Its not only can be wear during confinement, but also later when mommies need to start work again :) Satu kali beli boleh pakai lama-lama ;)

3. Woman with V discharge problem

A lot of testimony out there inform that wearing PB corset can help to reduce the problem in V area.  One of my dear biz partner confirmed these is among result she gain after wearing PB. So, worth trying kan? V Discharge is among the regular problem face by most woman, do not neglect it!   

4. Woman with weight issues

Read it again, weight issues. Not fat woman or skinny woman. What ever size you are, if weight is an issue for you. Then you should try using our infamous Premium Beautiful corset as your solution. Please try to solve it with diet, exercise and any other solution out there 1st, but if you still cannot find the solution, you may try PB okeh! 

So gurlz out there, if you are one of the above, contact me ASAP for a trial and consultation :) Instant difference is a promise! Try it to believe it! 


Lina Saat

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