Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A Session with Prof Dr. Lawrence Lim

Last weekend, Saturday on 11th May to be precise, I went for a Beauty and Health Talk by Prof Dr Lawrence Lim. Held in Setia City Convention Center (SCCC). This is my first time joining activity conducted by GLAM. Very exciting indeed.

But first and foremost, many thanks to Mr Hubby as he's given the permission for me to join this session and agreed to take care of our TWO little precious for the 3 hour session talk. Highlighted there okeh dearie! :)

Lets check out the speaker's background.

Dr Lim start his talk with a story of 'The Rolex' watch. Its such an eye opener for me and I am sure the whole dewan is in the same boat as me. Its about how do we take for granted our health compare to our other valuable possession. He was so laid back and easy to talk to. He pre-inform us that only one question cannot be asked which is HIS AGE. Funny isn't it?

So, this is me with Dr Lim, agak-agaknye brape umur die kan? Hehe. Apart from having good info regarding Hi-O Product and beauty and health tips from Dr Lim, I took the opportunity untuk bergambar dengan orang-orang kuat GLAM and share it with you below.

Above is me with our GLAM leader, CDM Hanis Haizi :)

Me with another CDM in the making Shaliza Aziz and  CDM Sha Khalid

Last but not least, my neighbor cum biz partner, Airin Anuar. Thank you for the opportunity and hope to join more session with Dr Lim. Worth every single minutes of the session. 

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