Sunday, 12 January 2014

Goodbye 2013 Welcome 2014

My first entry of the year 2014.

Last day of last year, there is one facebook post I wish to preserve in my blog :) Here it is:

'Last DAY of the YEAR 2013
So many things happened this year.

Through think and thin
For sure that Allah is the BEST planner

We have #afnanhadif this year!
The greatest gift of the YEAR.

Will never request to change my past
Will pray more for the FUTURE

Happy FINAL DAY of the YEAR
Make it THE BEST of this YEAR

Its a post as a reminder of 2013 journey.
 A journey I've never ever imagine in my whole life.

 A memorable year indeed. Memories I wish to preserve safely in my entire life
I would recall this year as 'The Reminder Year'

Back in February 2013
8th Feb 2013 - Muhammad Afnan Hadif was born
37 week of pregnancy

A gift from Allah as I would recall that I lost my pregnancy on my birthday in 2012. This reminds me of one of Ayat from Al-Quran from surah Surah Ar-Rahman as below :

Qur'an digital.PNG

Fa-biayyi alaa'i Rabbi kuma tukadzdzi ban

"Maka nikmat Tuhan kamu manakah yang kamu dustakan?"

This ayat was written in Al-Quran for 31 times as a reminder for me and you. Lets keep it in the heart.

To continue my 2013 journey
My dear Baby Afnan was diagnose with ASD and VSD during his 19th day of life.
Easiest way to understand that is holes in the heart.
Anyone can imagine that news to reach you during your confinement period?
BUT, Allah gift me strength to face it

There is no way I cannot handle this as Allah choose me and not others
I said to myself

Later in  October
The surgery - Open Heart Surgery for my baby
Another thunderstorm in our journey as a parents
We manage to get thru it.

Thank you to all my families, mak and ayah, brothers and sisters, uncles and aunties, cousins
My in-laws
My friends and neighbour
My Office mate
My facebook friends

Who gave me strength to get thru those times.

Thank you from the bottom of my HEART

Our 2013 Family Portrait
Pic Credit from my Instagram during sent off Mr Husband flight to Korea.
(Later I'm gonna blog about this okay, it would be too long for this 1st entry. hehe)

So, welcome 2014
May this year fill with abundance of joy and prosperity, InsyaAllah

Lady Lina